Sunday, 13 December 2009

harry christmas

We went to the nursery Christmas jollities on Friday evening. It was all lisping gap-toothed four year olds muttering the wrong words to traditional songs and sticky fingers and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even the bit where Leo spied the mince pies in the middle of Jingle Bells and made a bee-line for them, giving tongue loudly.

Harry Christmas brought everyone a bar of chocolate at the end - I am not sure how Harry Christmas happened - but he is here and I hope that he will be staying as I have become quite fond of him over the last couple of weeks. A friend of ours suggested that perhaps he is married to Mary, which I thought was a nice idea.

B is away again today, until Tuesday night, derigging the show he has had on in Ness Gardens on the Wirral. It's gone very well, apparently. After that and tying up the loose administrative ends, we are off work until the New Year. We are hoping to go and collect the bees from mid-Wales next weekend; plus visit some friends. And then come home and put up some decorations and generally settle down for the turn of the year.

Soon, I will start my Christmas shopping ...

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  1. I went to a friends son's nativity play and giggled my way through the entire thing...not a note in tune or a hand clap in time...but it was very entertaining just the same!!

    Hope you and yours have a lovely relaxing Christmas

    C x