Saturday, 26 December 2009

for christmas I had a heart attack and an eight inch statuette of Guan Yin Goddess Of Mercy

Well, not quite - but it felt like it at the time. It hasn't been quite the Christmas I was expecting.

At 11.30 on Christmas Eve, B called an ambulance, because my heart rate was racing and I had pain all down my left side. I spent yesterday in hospital having blood tests to see whether my heart had been damaged by the episode, which was something called SVT. Which is hasn't, despite going at 210 beats per minute for a while. It was rather un-nerving, to be honest; and I hope it doesn't happen again. No-one seems to know whether it will or won't - it's some sort of electrical blip in the junction box between the top and bottom heart valves that causes a feedback loop. It can be triggered by any of - stress, anxiety, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes or hormones, or nothing in particular. I was half asleep, so it looks like it was 'nothing in particular' in this case; which might be good, might be bad.

Anyway, I came home yesterday night and apart from a slight shortness of breath and feeling quite tired, I am fine. The children are staying with Ma again tonight so that we can get a good night's sleep. And then we are back to normal.

The only present I have opened so far is the one from B's mother that contained an eight inch high statuette of Guan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, Honesty and Forgiveness. Apart from the fact that I think it is EXTREMELY bad manners to give gods and godesses as a present - a bit like a new washing machine or cleaning the toilet as a birthday present for you partner - what does it MEAN? Is she saying that she feels mercy, honesty and forgiveness towards me? Or that I am lacking it and she is praying for it for me? Or just that she thought I would like the statuette; which is reminiscent of a Chinoserie Virgin Mary in robes of lime green and orange?

I have always felt that lime green and orange aren't anyone's colours - let alone being appropriate for the Mother Of The World.

Anyway. I have put her in the bag in the corner of the bedroom, ready to be given away. My friend Judith says that it is FINE to give away stuff that other people have given to you; and I am taking her at her word on this one.

Happy Christmas, everyone.


  1. Oh Ally! I'm glad you are home and ok, but it must have been very scary for you both, and especially not knowing if it will happen again. What a day for it to happen too, with you having small children. Wishing you and yours a happy and (very) healthy new year. xxx
    P.S. And the statuette sounds hideous!

  2. That must have been really scary!! I'm so glad that you are ok!!

    Hmmm, odd present to give...and what do you mean lime green and orange don't go together?? That should have pride of place on your *grins*.

    I completely agree with your friend, tis fine to give away unwanted gifts and I think that one sounds particularly hideous!!

    Hope 2010 brings you much love, laughter and happiness....god knows it's about time you got a break!!

    C x

  3. Gosh, Ally! That must have been really scary for both of you. Lucky Ma's just down the road now. I'm glad you're okay and back home again.
    And yes, the sooner you get rid of the statue the better!
    Hoping 2010 is much better for you.

  4. you don't do things by half do you!

    a healthy and uneventful new year!!

  5. Blimey! Hope you are feeling better. And, it was probably the statue wot dun it.

  6. Well I hope you have a good 2010 to make up for some of the tribulations of 2009.

  7. Do you think you could consider that the gift was given in very good faith and perhaps as a compliment?
    Whatever present I receive I feel priveledged that someone took the time to think of me. Maybe you could ask the giver their meaning of the gift? You may be pleasantly surprised.

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    Thank you!