Saturday, 26 December 2009

for christmas I had a heart attack and an eight inch statuette of Guan Yin Goddess Of Mercy

Well, not quite - but it felt like it at the time. It hasn't been quite the Christmas I was expecting.

At 11.30 on Christmas Eve, B called an ambulance, because my heart rate was racing and I had pain all down my left side. I spent yesterday in hospital having blood tests to see whether my heart had been damaged by the episode, which was something called SVT. Which is hasn't, despite going at 210 beats per minute for a while. It was rather un-nerving, to be honest; and I hope it doesn't happen again. No-one seems to know whether it will or won't - it's some sort of electrical blip in the junction box between the top and bottom heart valves that causes a feedback loop. It can be triggered by any of - stress, anxiety, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes or hormones, or nothing in particular. I was half asleep, so it looks like it was 'nothing in particular' in this case; which might be good, might be bad.

Anyway, I came home yesterday night and apart from a slight shortness of breath and feeling quite tired, I am fine. The children are staying with Ma again tonight so that we can get a good night's sleep. And then we are back to normal.

The only present I have opened so far is the one from B's mother that contained an eight inch high statuette of Guan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, Honesty and Forgiveness. Apart from the fact that I think it is EXTREMELY bad manners to give gods and godesses as a present - a bit like a new washing machine or cleaning the toilet as a birthday present for you partner - what does it MEAN? Is she saying that she feels mercy, honesty and forgiveness towards me? Or that I am lacking it and she is praying for it for me? Or just that she thought I would like the statuette; which is reminiscent of a Chinoserie Virgin Mary in robes of lime green and orange?

I have always felt that lime green and orange aren't anyone's colours - let alone being appropriate for the Mother Of The World.

Anyway. I have put her in the bag in the corner of the bedroom, ready to be given away. My friend Judith says that it is FINE to give away stuff that other people have given to you; and I am taking her at her word on this one.

Happy Christmas, everyone.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

christmas cheer

I bought a fire guard for a fiver off eBay a couple of weeks ago and for various reasons haven't been able to go and collect it. I've kept in touch with the seller and today I paid her by paypal as a mark of good faith and told her that I wasn't going to be able to get over this afternoon as we had tentatively arranged, because of the icy roads.

She has sent me back a message via eBay saying that she didn't want paying by paypal (which wasn't stated in the auction) and that she was offering it for sale, not sale and storage. And that the roads weren't icy as she had been out; and that she needed it picking up tomorrow.

I've just sent her a message back telling her to relist it, as I can't be bothered at the moment to deal with people who are unpleasant. Should I negative feed-back her, explaining what happened in the comment? Or neutral? Or not bother feed-backing her at all? I'm not bothering to ask for my money back - I can't be doing with the hassle.

Thoughts, please? I do a lot on eBay and I'm not sure it deserves a negative. But it was nasty.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

left, right, which-ever

Sorry. LEFT HAND column.

aw, thank you

Thank you, you are all lovely. Here, have a seat, or a floor cushion or something. And if you would like to point out to me that you deleted your blog in the right-hand column six months ago but I still have a link up, please feel free ...

well that's okay then

I have decided to go back to publishing at ducking for apples instead of coming back to the valley. It feels odd being over there instead of over here ... so here I am.

I've whisked around with a feather duster, straightened the pictures and had the phone-line reconnected and it feels rather nice, as if I've been away on a journey and have come home. I've also worked out how to import the handful of posts I made at the other place, so I haven't lost anything at all.


Sunday, 13 December 2009

harry christmas

We went to the nursery Christmas jollities on Friday evening. It was all lisping gap-toothed four year olds muttering the wrong words to traditional songs and sticky fingers and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even the bit where Leo spied the mince pies in the middle of Jingle Bells and made a bee-line for them, giving tongue loudly.

Harry Christmas brought everyone a bar of chocolate at the end - I am not sure how Harry Christmas happened - but he is here and I hope that he will be staying as I have become quite fond of him over the last couple of weeks. A friend of ours suggested that perhaps he is married to Mary, which I thought was a nice idea.

B is away again today, until Tuesday night, derigging the show he has had on in Ness Gardens on the Wirral. It's gone very well, apparently. After that and tying up the loose administrative ends, we are off work until the New Year. We are hoping to go and collect the bees from mid-Wales next weekend; plus visit some friends. And then come home and put up some decorations and generally settle down for the turn of the year.

Soon, I will start my Christmas shopping ...

Friday, 11 December 2009

killing time

We have all been down with a vicious cold/cough combo that had us in hospital on Monday evening with the baby and has had us all cooped up at home all week since. Nenna is fine now - it was just more of the usual chesty-cough and a temperature combo. She thought the hospital visit was fantastic, with lots of people and toys to play with. Her temperature went down over the evening and by 11pm they sent us home.

We left Leo with Ma whilst we were faffing about at the hospital and he has been very disturbed since - partly because of that and partly because he's had the same thing himself. Last night was the first night we have all slept through for about a week; they have gone to nursery today, although I am going to phone in a minute and see how they are getting on.

It's sunny for the first time for what feels about a decade, so we are just off down to Ma's to do some Chicken Shennanigins, involving cockerel slaughter (maybe), pullet moving and cleaning things out.

More soon.

Sunday, 6 December 2009


Just posting to say we're still here, really. Depression has been pretty bad and hopefully I'm on the upswing a bit.