Saturday, 24 October 2009

short time living ...

Good intentions are all very well, aren't they? But they don't get your blog written. I think a list might be the best way to start again:

Cottage1. We have moved. This is our new house. It's lovely - it has three big bedrooms upstairs and a good sized living room and kitchen downstairs. The bottom bit at the right-hand side of the picture is someone else's shed, but the whole of the upstairs is ours. It's the old gardener's cottage behind the 'Big House' and is about two hundred years old. You can see the cobbled yard. We are right on the edge of the hills and the red deer come down in to the park. At the moment we can hear the stags roaring - it's eerie, but wonderful.

2. All children well. E is being referred for an audiology assessment because there is a probability that she has a hearing issue. This may be because of a high dose of the gentamicin antibiotic that she was given when she was so poorly last year; or just something that she may grow out of. But at the moment she is really too small to test, so we are just rolling with it. We have swapped our front-facing push-chair for one where she looks at us as we go along (with a buggy-board for Leo, which he loves); and that seems to be working well for us.

3. We have been discharged from bankruptcy. Yay! Our credit record is still up the creek for the next six years, but at least we can now have a cheque book again!

4. No progress on the 'building your own house' front. The chap who was going to help up with the planning side of things has issues of his own; and we have been pretty tied up with moving and settling in, so that's been unintentionally on hold.

5. All chickens well. They are at Ma's, a mile down the road. I have twenty four three week old chickens in the kitchen; three dozen hen eggs in one incubator and five duck eggs in another. Positive responses only, please :).

6. We had to have our eldest cat, Mrs Three Legs, put to sleep on Tuesday - she was twelve and had been suffering from thyroid problems that were finally untreatable. We miss her, but it was time to say goodbye.

For today, that is all.

I do have a bit more brain-space returning, though, so hopefully more soon.


  1. Good to hear the update and that things are mostly going well.

  2. Poor Three-Legs - v. sorry to read that.

    Other things, though, sound better. Which is good.

    Come for tea and cakes. Soon.

  3. Ps. Your new house looks lovely!!

  4. I am so pleased to hear that there is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel....hopefully you will be able to put the bad times well and truly behind you now!!

    Sorry to hear about Mrs Three-legs. It's heartbreaking when you have to put them to sleep but it is definitely the kindest thing to do!!

    C x

  5. Aw.Yes, sorry about Three Legs.

    Wow, the new place looks really nice.. :-)

    Wish I had a kitchen full of baby chickens! lol

    Chandira (having to post as anonymous for some weird reason of strange internet complications that I do not understand...)

  6. sorry about puss. the house does look nice.

  7. Hi, I have just 'found' your blog.It makes compelling reading; written from the heart it is funny, sad, witty and keeping me up far too late!

    Take care I'll pop by again soon.