Sunday, 27 September 2009

reciprocal childcare is illegal in the UK ...

It has become illegal to look after your friend's children on a regular basis in the UK - if you do it for more than 2 hours at a time and/or 14 hours a week, 'for reward', then you must be registered with OFSTED. 'For reward' includes in exchange for someone else looking after your children.

Please propagate and sign this petition to do something about this - if this is enforced, thousands of women who have this kind of arrangement with friends will have their lives made significantly more difficult.

For us, things are quite hard at the moment. B is still on tour in Europe and I am struggling, despite Ma's help. I am going out to join him for two days this week (Montpellier!) and on Sunday he comes home. Hopefully we can settle in to some kind of normal routine at that point and I will have the time and headspace to start to write again properly.


  1. It is bloody ridiculous!! Bureaucracy gone wild!!

    You'll get into a routine once he's back and I'm sure life will get easier :-)

    C x

  2. You cope amazingly, so good that you've got Ma to help now, and I'm sure it helps her too to know that she is supporting you. I know it would me, if I were in her position.

    Enjoy the two days in Montpelier, try to put the difficulties of life aside, won't you?

    I've signed the petition.