Thursday, 6 August 2009


Please can I have a sick note for not posting three times a week as I was aiming for? Because, we have found a house in Somerset a mile and a half from Mum's and will be moving in to it in the first week of September.

We both feel as if we are picking up the threads of our life again and steering our own ship rather than being buffeted around by random winds and whims. I am so happy. Let's see how I feel in a month's time :)


  1. That's perfect - I'm so glad. I'm sure your mum is as thrilled as you are. You've had all the shit, darling, and you've come through it - hope life's on the up and up now.

    Oh, and love to hear your news, but real life is more important than a blog - a crumb every so often is fine.

  2. Dear Internet- Please excuse Ally. She was busy getting on with life .

  3. Great news!! I'm pleased for you, I think that will be great. Somerset is a great place to live. I miss it...

    I'm moving that week too! 3 blocks south, not so far, but...

  4. That's great. I'm so pleased for you all. And I agree with Z - real life is so much important. Best of luck!

  5. That is brilliant news!! Hopefully when you move you will leave all your troubles behind you!!

    C x