Wednesday, 12 August 2009

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Packing SO sucks, doesn't it?

I am doing my best to chuck stuff out - so far, I've gone through baby clothes and kit, some of the stuff in the shed and am moving on to books. I am a bit scared to go in to the Room Of Doom. Today hasn't been a good-day child-wise. We have had some friends staying, one with a three year old; and last night the adults stayed up far to late and caroused for far too long ... which resulted in frustrated and bored kids this morning.

This afternoon, B and I took them all for a walk and ran the legs of them - and they were all asleep by six. It's seven thirty now and I don't think that the rest of us will be far behind them.

Tomorrow - organising moving surgeries with the Health Visitor.

For today, that is all.


  1. Having not long done the whole packing and moving thing I hear your pain!! (Truth be told...we still have a cabinet that is full of stuff wrapped in newspaper...I opened it the other day, looked at it, thought 'Naaaa' and then shut the door again!!). Good luck with it'll get there!!

    C x

  2. This time, I am getting rid of all the unopened boxes that have been packed up since the move-before-last. If I haven't needed stuff for three years, it's not likely that I'll EVER need it.

    Oh. Wait. ... :)