Monday, 27 July 2009


Sometimes, you think everything is fine and that everything is going along swimmingly. And then all of a sudden something really small and trivial comes along and knocks you completely back.

The last couple of days I've been feeling pretty flat. I'm been toddling along; but I'm finding it an effort to get going. This morning I couldn't move my right arm; which is always a sign of stress. I slept in until ten and have only just got dressed, which isn't ideal.

I woke up in time to answer a phone call from our dippy landlady, giving me the phone numbers of three plumbers and telling me to organise quotes from them all for the repair of the heating system, which we first told her needed looking at the week before Christmas. She also said that she was in the process of getting a roofer to come and look at the leak in the roof that is soaking the walls of the spare bedroom - and has been since we moved in; and she is still waiting for someone to come and do something about the pot-holes in the drive that have cost us £200 in tracking and tyres since New Year.

I have seen my arse, a bit, and am going to try to arrange to go and see some rental places down near Ma's. If we did that for six months it would see us over the worst of the winter and we could look at moving in to a static on site at that point. I am so tired of being at the mercy of other people - I really just want to be close to Ma. I can't remember whether I have mentioned that B has been booked for two European theatre tours in September already? One of them, the French one, we have been told that we take the children on, which would be nice. But if it doesn't happen that will all be time for me here alone with them.

In other news, Fisher Price Little People - there are so many kinds, aren't there? All with different sized holes in their bottoms. Who knew?


  1. Ok, I don't have kids and I am now slightly disturbed by the Fisher Price Little People with different sized holes in their bottoms!! Why do they have holes in their bottoms or should I really not ask!!

    Sorry to hear your feeling blue...I know it's easier said than done but try not to let the B******* grind you down!!


    C x

  2. Hmm, spotted this on fb and followed you over, is the old blog dead? Is that why I can't access it? There I was being all neurotic and thinking you had blocked me...

  3. I'm *sure* I emailed you to let you know ... I've just swapped locations because I didn't know who was reading and as you don't come on my 'mad axe murderer list' you were definitely invited ...

    *waves* glad you made it!

  4. Just a note of caution - I can't remember when you moved in, but I think you used an agent - do check your lease if you're planning to leave in under a year, or else (as your landlady will have paid the agent a fee proportionate to a year's rent) she may be able to take the cost of finding a new tenant out of your deposit.

    And yes, I think moving down near your Ma is a fine idea for all of you. Let yourself recover without feeling frustrated at your exhaustion, it's normal and natural. You'll be completely better in time, but not all at once, and it will happen quicker if you are gentle with yourself.

  5. Thanks, Z - our lease was initially for six months and has been renewed for another six - so we come out of it naturally at the beginning of September, although we are planning on just letting it roll on until we leave if it takes that long - which it probably will.

  6. Holes in their bottoms? I'm glad you explained, and glad I am reading these posts backwards, for once.. lol