Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Thank you very much, that seems to be working fine!

Today. More rain. More mud. More wet children. More wet chickens.

B hassled me out of the house yesterday and I spent a very pleasant afternoon knitting and chatting with friends whilst drinking unconscionable amounts of tea and eating flapjack. There is something so nice about creating something with your hands and I don't do enough of it. I suspect I spend too much time online and typing, rather than sat in front of the TV or listening to music and knitting or sewing - I think I might try to cut down on one and do more of another.

Leo's new-via-eBay duplo arrived this morning and he is delighted - all those little people! All of whom seem to be called 'Bob'! I think, because they all have hair-styles like Bob The Builder's safety-hat. But I'm not sure and he hasn't seen fit to explain.

For today, that is all.


  1. i've been consciously relaxing recently - and it's lovely. It's involved more TV watching than usual, and it's good to let my mind go.

  2. I spend most evenings knitting or sewing (I do that whilst husband watches Star Trek...I'm not a fan!!). It's good to be creative and it's good to spend an afternoon chatting with friends :-)

    LOL at everyone called Bob!!

    C x