Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Thank you very much, that seems to be working fine!

Today. More rain. More mud. More wet children. More wet chickens.

B hassled me out of the house yesterday and I spent a very pleasant afternoon knitting and chatting with friends whilst drinking unconscionable amounts of tea and eating flapjack. There is something so nice about creating something with your hands and I don't do enough of it. I suspect I spend too much time online and typing, rather than sat in front of the TV or listening to music and knitting or sewing - I think I might try to cut down on one and do more of another.

Leo's new-via-eBay duplo arrived this morning and he is delighted - all those little people! All of whom seem to be called 'Bob'! I think, because they all have hair-styles like Bob The Builder's safety-hat. But I'm not sure and he hasn't seen fit to explain.

For today, that is all.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Could someone leave me a comment do you think? I am twiddling with my settings to see whether I get a notification when things happen over here ...

mostly for Carol

Just to clarify for Carol ... Fisher Price Little People have holes in their bottoms so they can sit on their Fisher Price Little People cars and seats and things. If they didn't have the holes, they would fall off. Only over the years the different types of people seem to have evolved and be non-compatible. See here. I believe that some of the earlier ones command quite high prices from collectors - they've been going for fifty years.

Hope that helps! :)

Today, we are going to a friend's house to do wiring/sewing - you can take a guess which of us is doing which. The children have blessedly gone to nursery. We're both exhausted - they still aren't sleeping very well and reveille was at ten to six this morning.


Monday, 27 July 2009


Sometimes, you think everything is fine and that everything is going along swimmingly. And then all of a sudden something really small and trivial comes along and knocks you completely back.

The last couple of days I've been feeling pretty flat. I'm been toddling along; but I'm finding it an effort to get going. This morning I couldn't move my right arm; which is always a sign of stress. I slept in until ten and have only just got dressed, which isn't ideal.

I woke up in time to answer a phone call from our dippy landlady, giving me the phone numbers of three plumbers and telling me to organise quotes from them all for the repair of the heating system, which we first told her needed looking at the week before Christmas. She also said that she was in the process of getting a roofer to come and look at the leak in the roof that is soaking the walls of the spare bedroom - and has been since we moved in; and she is still waiting for someone to come and do something about the pot-holes in the drive that have cost us £200 in tracking and tyres since New Year.

I have seen my arse, a bit, and am going to try to arrange to go and see some rental places down near Ma's. If we did that for six months it would see us over the worst of the winter and we could look at moving in to a static on site at that point. I am so tired of being at the mercy of other people - I really just want to be close to Ma. I can't remember whether I have mentioned that B has been booked for two European theatre tours in September already? One of them, the French one, we have been told that we take the children on, which would be nice. But if it doesn't happen that will all be time for me here alone with them.

In other news, Fisher Price Little People - there are so many kinds, aren't there? All with different sized holes in their bottoms. Who knew?

Friday, 24 July 2009


I came across this this morning. A chap wants to collect one million drawings of giraffes before 2011 and needs another 977341. Click here to see his current giraffes and find out how to send him your contribution.

It is raining again. I am starting to grow mould.

Thursday, 23 July 2009


Mary Mad Chicken
Well, I'm sorry to report the demise of Mary Mad Chicken - she was very rocky on her legs last night and the hedgepig had pulled out a large proportion of her feathers; so I culled her last night.

RIP Mary, you will be sadly missed - for your determined campaign to get in to the house to eat the cat-food; for your patience in being picked up by a toddler determined to carry you round; and for your endearing habit of sitting on the side-board in the living room and looking at yourself in the mirror.

She was one of the founders of my flock and I only have her sister left of that generation. Time's fleeting chariot and all that is so much swifter in the poultry world. Bless.

Anyway. I have three dozen chicks hatching in the incubator as I speak; and seem to have made a dreadful error of judgement in the colour of the eggs I put in. I thought I could tell pretty well which were the barnevelder  eggs and which aren't. But it transpires that that is not, actually, the case. I'm going to have to do some culling when they have finished hatching tomorrow.

And on the Palace Gates: Nenna is better; Leo is fine but bored; B is exhausted and someone has stolen all my bones and replaced them with something bendy.

I'm off fora kip.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

hedgehog in a box

Well, here we all are.

Sorry that that burst of enthusiasm kind of ran itself out; all sorts of things have happened, nothing traumatic, just life-stuff. The most dramatic of which is that on Friday last week, Nenna managed to develop swine flu, or something similar and has been on tamiflu since then - last dose this morning. Current advice is to say isolated whilst you are symptomatic; so we have battened down the hatches and are actually having quite a chilled out time, if you discount the terrifying temperature spiking over the weekend.

I am having a crisis of confidence about blogging. What am I doing it for? I think that to get something out of it then you need to do it at least three times a week - for me, anyway. And having had to 'move house' so to speak, has been very disruptive. I just don't feel that this new place is 'me', really; and I haven't had time to decorate properly.

I am also wondering about the wisdom generally of having so much personal stuff on view on the web. I know that it's very narcissistic to think that anyone is going to be that interested in us; but anyone who was could get a great deal of information from the blog if they wanted, despite my nod to anonymity. I think that I am going to try to get back in to the swing of the regular writing; I miss it very much when I don't do it. And I definitely want to focus less on the minutiae of baby-care and misery and have a more balanced list of topics.

We have so much going on that I can write about. We are going to try to sort things out so that we can move to Somerset and live on Ma's place. She is finding it hard without Dad I think, and B can help with the heavy work and I can do some of the marketing for her. We want to get planning for an agricultural dwelling; that is just getting underway.

I suspect that will be a blog in itself.

Last night we were woken at 2am by screams of anguish. I went straight from deep sleep to vertical and shooting out of the door in to the baby's room in about three seconds flat, bounced off the door frame, woke up properly and realised that atually it was Mary Mad Chicken, who has taken to sleeping under the hen-house to get away from the cockerels. And who was being attacked by a hedgehog.

Has anyone else ever removed a hedgehog from under a chicken's wing at 2am in the pouring rain and put it on a box on the freezer for the children to look at in the morning?

I am just about to go an assess the damage to poor Mary - she is getting to the end of her laying life anyway; and this might be a casserole too far.

For today, that is all. I will be back soon.