Thursday, 25 September 2008


Back online today, housemove went pretty well, B working away constantly, I've been going in and out of 'pre-labour' for a fortnight but no *actual* baby arrived yet, hormones dreadful, bankruptcy more or less sorted.

More in a day or two when I have sorted out my 2000+ spam emails offering me services of a dubious sexual nature. In German.

Friday, 12 September 2008

quick update

Struggling rather, both physically and mentally, but basically okay. Moving tomorrow, and not sure how long the internet is going to take to swap over after that. Probably a couple of weeks - I don't think I can cope with dial-up in the interim :).

Still no baby. If I hang on until Tuesday I am 'term' and can either have a home birth or a waterpool-birth at the midwife-led centre in Newtown.

Horrible Chicken Killing Dog Man disclaims all responsibility and I have reported him to the Police, but am not expecting them to do anything.

Erm ... what else? Ma has been here since Sunday helping, supporting and moving kibble up to the new place. She's off home tomorrow.

Think that's it.

Back soon, if not sooner.

Saturday, 6 September 2008



I went out to shut the chickens up as it was getting dark, and we've had what I can only assume is another visitation from Mrs We Must Have Drinks' dog.

We have:

1x dead growing-for-slaughter cockerel
1x dead pekin hen
1x dead show quality barnevelder hen (that wasn't dead when we found her but that we had to finish off)
2x missing youngsters that may or may not turn up in the morning.

The dog must have come through from their field to our garden, chased the barnvelder all the way down the garden and round the house and mauled it; and then got distracted and killed the pekin and the grower IN OUR FRONT GARDEN.

B rang Mrs WMHD who said ... "Well, it's a dog. Dogs chase chickens."

We are both pretty angry.

Apparently they were out all afternoon and the dog must have jumped out of it's pen. Which is what happened earlier in the week when she phoned up to tell us that that it had arrived home and presented her with a dead chicken. I was relatively gracious that time, as a) she offered to pay straight away and b) sometimes the youngsters do go in to their field, so it might be that it was off our property. And she sounded like she was going to address the issue.

This time, less so.

B pointed out that actually, one was within ones rights to shoot dogs that worry livestock and she needed to take some measures and come back and tell him what they were going to be. Hopefully that will include offering to pay. I reckon £12 for the grower, £25 for the pekin and at least £35 for the barnevelder. The hens were both good quality and proven fertile.

I've had a good cry. Going to bed now. We have clean sheets! Not that the sheets were rancid ... but there seems to be a regular amount of rusk being smeared over them by a person who is not either B or me.

For today, that really is all.

faint but pursuing

Briefly, because I'm shattered - but the bankruptcy hearing was very low key and smooth. That side of things is now completed. We have to speak to the Official Receiver by phone in a couple of weeks to discuss our earnings etc. and work out how much they will take off of us on a monthly basis as a nominal repayment to our creditors.

I am slightly concerned about this as our earnings average out over the course of the year; and the tax credits people are probably going to want money off of us. But I think the OR is open to that kind of thing.

In other good news, we have picked up the keys to the new house and hope to be moving in to it in the next couple of weeks.

Still no baby.

Still exhausted.

Ma is coming up tomorrow for a few days so that B can toddle off and do some work and not worry about me.

I am going to write up a 'my experience of bankruptcy' thing when this is all over I think; I've had so many emails from people who have been through similar experiences that I reckon it might be helpful; and also give other people an opportunity to add their own comments in order to help other people going through it.

Right. Going to go and let the chickens out, as it's temporarily stopped raining ...

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Slept most of the day, fine when I'm not moving around, tightenings start to turn in to contractions when I do.


Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Not exactly a false alarm - but am not in labour either. However, it might develop in to labour. Or it might stop. Or it might rumble on for a couple of weeks and THEN either turn in to labour or stop.

The hospital pretty much covered all their bases.

Anyway - they sent me home. And I've spent a couple of hours in the bath and things are much the same. I'm to take paracetamol and chill out.


Good news - we have been offered House No. 1. But we have also be offered House No.4. Decisions decisions.

B has gone to collect Leo and I am going to retire to bed pretty early I think. He's going back to Birmingham for the day tomorrow, dropping Leo off on the way. So I can have some rest.

It's all dragging on a bit now, really.

hmmm ...

I have had a very uncomfortable night and whenever I move around the whole bump goes painfully rigid. We are off to Shrewsbury Hospital for a check up to see what's happening. It is possible that it's labour ... kind of hoping we were going to get Thursday out of the way before everything kicked off; but we'll see.

B has just arrived home from Birmingham, we have ten minutes for a cup of tea and then we are leaving. I have the bag packed, we have dug out the tiny baby seat and I have people poised to pick Leo up from nursery should needs be.

Hopefully it's all a false alarm down to stress.

Wish us luck.

Monday, 1 September 2008


This weeks midwife reckons New Baby is head-down again. And my bump has dropped 4cm. We are approaching lift-off, people. I am now truly walking like a sailor.

No news on the house front.