Wednesday, 27 August 2008


House No. 3 was very cute - two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, a living room and a kitchen downstairs. It would mean getting rid of a lot of our stuff; but that would be okay. The VERY good thing about it is it's garden - vegetable beds full of beans and cabbages, currant bushes, a greenhouse and both a plum and a damson tree.

The catch?

It had an odd atmosphere. And the next door neighbour (it's a semi, in the middle of nowhere) blanked us completely, although she spoke to the estate agent in quite a friendly fashion.

So ... it's still on the list. But we are trepidatious about it, particularly after the 'odd atmosphere' related stuff that's gone on here; nightmares (ours and friends); peculiar behaviour from the cats and mother in laws; oppressive atmosphere etc..

Other things described as 'cute' today - the obstetrician's view of breech birth.

New Baby has managed to do a flip over and is now bottom-down. I am not impressed. Apparently if it doesn't turn back before thirty seven weeks (in three weeks time) they can try to turn it. Which has a 1% chance of distressing the baby and meaning an emergency C-section.

If that doesn't work, you can choose to try to deliver naturally (Doctor: "It's quite cute, actually, when they come out bum-first" Me: "For you, maybe"); or you can opt for a Caesar.

Gosh, the choices available are all so much FUN, aren't they?

In other news, summer is officially over.

B went back to work today after our Relaxing Summer Off (Oh the sarcasm, lowest form of wit I know, but it's about all I've got left right now); he trundled off to Birmingham after our doctor's appointment to light a factory full of rice (go see it). We've got a full order book for September and are half-full already for October and November. This is A Good Thing. However, it also means that Leo and I and New Baby are going to be on our own for most of each week.

We are still waiting to hear about House No. 1. Apparently the people will be viewing it tomorrow.

I am going to have a snooze now, whilst Leo is at nursery.

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