Friday, 6 June 2008

small and less small

This is quite tedious now, actually. Third day in bed. Stopped vomiting, mostly, but still feel rotten and don't want to eat.

B's gone back to work on a local job today and will be back in the early hours. He's left Leo and I tucked up in bed together with enough provisions to get us through the day. Leo is being lovely - he's better, pretty much, and is currently trying to dismantle 'Four Complete Peter Wimsey Novels' by Dorothy L Sayers.

I have felt TOO ROPEY TO PLAY CAESAR 4. That's bad. Very bad. But, I guess, your body tells you what you need and in this case, become Caesar of a continent spanning Empire is possibly not it.

In other news, a small but very good thing is happening. Remember my teeny-tiny foray in to selling eggs and hens? Well it's going very well indeed. I am selling a lot of eggs and I have a couple of people interested in having pullets in the late autumn. I have sold my manual-turn incubator and am investigating upgrading to an auto-turn. Without wishing to be a blatant chicken-pimp, if anyone is at all interested, even vaguely or in an advice-seeking kind of way, don't hesitate to ask, will you?

A large but also very good thing has happened here. Congratulations to La Famille Kitchen Witch on the arrival of Baby KW on 1st June. May their vomit be spongeable and their nappies easily cleaned.

Have to go now. Leo wants to watch some 'In the Night Garden' on BBC iPlayer.


  1. look after yourself Ally.

    eggs are good.

  2. look after yourself Ally.

    eggs are good.