Tuesday, 27 May 2008

hang ...

This weekend I was thirty eight. B spent my birthday wiring in the pump to the agahunterrayburn so that we could have hot water AND central heating.

Instead of going out for a meal we spent Saturday evening in the bath, topping up the scalding water with our toes.

As well, we had a huge row with both grandmothers about the mechanics of a christening/naming ceremony for Leo (too complicated and boring to explain) and I have taken two photocopies of my arse and posted one to each of them.

B's mother has ended up phoning MY mother and ranting at her about what an ungrateful bitch I am. They have only met each other twice.

Not a good day.

However, we had a twenty week scan on Sunday and the baby has got all it's required bits in the required places. We don't know what sex it is, because at our hospital you have to pay an extra £50 to find out and we baulked.

Now, I go to bed.

Hang in there for the bee stories.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

note ...

Still here.

To start with, felt great and was doing loads outside rather than on the PC, hence no blogging.

Then, overdid it and have been feeling too crap to blog.

Now, reaching some kind of equilibrium. And, I have Bee Stories!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

bring me sunshine

Leo helping to water
MUCH better now. We've had a whole weekend of pretty nice weather, pottered in the garden, chatted to one or two people, planted seeds, finished chicken pens, planned where raised beds are going to go, and generally relaxed.

Leo helped with the watering.

Gosh, there was lots of water. And it was VERY helpful.

Luckily we had put his seat outside the greenhouse before we gave him the hose, otherwise my seedlings would have been drowned. As it was, only he was. And me. And B. His face when he discovered that the water sprayed back on him when he put his hand over the end of the hose was an absolute picture - more photos on my Flickr if you click through.

On Sunday afternoon we had some very dear old friends visit, that we haven't seen properly for ages. The children built a den at the top of the garden whilst we sat on the patio looking out over the view and caught up.

And I have gone in to business as an Egg Pusher:

The hens are laying very well at the moment and the chaps seem to be doing their job very enthusiastically - so we are off. Place your orders here!

Today, B has gone away for three overnights - he dropped Leo at nursery on his way out this morning and his mum, Kate, is coming to stay with me today. She is going home tonight and then coming back with Vic tomorrow for the night - he is going to make some raised beds for me and finish off one or two other things that need doing in the house.

Positive positive positive. And now, I am going out to do things in the sunshine.