Thursday, 6 September 2007

and then God said, there will be no broadband for three weeks

Just testing to see whether I can actually post anything sensible by
email - because of course, I have been so disorganised that I only rang
the utilities people yesterday and if we DO move on Saturday, which
looks like it might just happen, it will be three weeks before the
broadband is sorted. Which is, actually, stressing me out more than the
idea of going in to labour.

Talking of which, I think *things* might be happening. I will not share
them with you on the grounds of good taste, except to use the word
'show', which anyone who doesn't know can go and Google if they really
want to.

We went to Ikea yesterday. I was kind of hoping that my waters would
break in-store in the hope that we might get vouchers; but no luck. If
anyone can recommend anywhere else that might be a good shop to go in to
labour in, NOW would be a good-time to say :). Then we came home and I
had hysterics in the bath for half an hour. Not stressed at all. But
feeling better this morning.

Off to try to hire a van for Saturday now.

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  1. Find your nearest Aston Martin Dealership, and fast :)