Friday, 25 May 2007

tarot course and a thank you to Annie

tarot imageThis time last year I did a write up for Annie's Tarot Course at Worldwide Mediums and Psychics, after I'd done some some proof-reading for the site.

Earlier this week, Annie did a card reading for me on MSN and because she is so fab, I am mentioning her again as a 'thank you'.

Over the last twelve months she says that the Tarot Course has really taken off and has had loads of good feedback and reviews, some of which you can see on the site.

The course has changed slightly and split from one course in to three different levels - for Beginners, Advanced Students and Professionals - so you can tackle it in chunks. Each course has in-depth information on each of the cards and their meanings and you are also encouraged to develop your own intuition whilst doing readings. There are assignments that you complete and get marked, and a chat room where you can go to ask for support and advice.

The course has a very measured approach to teaching online and if you follow it properly you will come out with a very good grounding in the subject.

Annie has been reading and teaching tarot for years, both in person and online. I can't speak highly enough of her, so if you're interested, go visit!

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