Saturday, 19 May 2007

sting in the tail

Odd few days.

On Wednesday, I sat on a bee whilst I was sorting out one of the hives. It didn't hurt very much, probably due to all my padding in that area.

On Thursday, I absent mindedly walked in to a HUGE cloud of bees swarming in the garden, as I pottered up to water the tomatoes. I got stung on the earlobe and I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS.

Quite apart from the difficulties of dipping ones ear in to a cup of bicarb of soda solution to take the sting down, I look like I have had the right-hand side of Frodo Baggins' head grafted on instead of my own. Mrs Three Legs also got stung and both of us panicked quite badly for half an hour or so, until I worked out that she was panting because it hurt, rather than panting because the sting was in her windpipe.

We're both fine now, but I was annoyed - we have worked out that the reason we are getting so many swarms is that we have only allowed a quite small gap in each hive for the bees to walk up from their bottom story to their top story. So they think that they have a lot less room than they actually do and are packing up and sending excess ladies off to start a New Life In The Off World Colonies. Owner-operator error is therefore contributing to the issue, which is always annoying; and the worst kind of that kind of error is errors in livestock management. I'm cross with myself.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get in to each hive and sort them out. And a friend is coming to take the swarm away if we can catch it. It's up a tree and is a stepladder job, so probably B needs to do it rather than me.

He is, of course, absolutely delighted at the prospect.

In Other News, we have had eight little chicks hatch, split between two hens. The chicks are fine, very cute; but the hens are taking some time working out who belongs to who. We've put them in the greenhouse for a bit while they sort themselves out.

And in Other Other News, we went for another internal viewing of the Very Possiblest Of All Possible Houses (Second time for me, first time for B. But the third time we've been up there together to look at the ground). We both love it. (Kate HATED it on Tuesday when she and I went for an internal viewing. Wierd.). We have jiggled our finances so that we can put an offer in before we sell this one (too long and boring to relate how) and are going to do that on Monday. So far we are the only people who are that interested, but they have another block viewing on Thursday of this week coming. I was told on Tuesday that there was a probability that it was going to go to sealed bids ... however that isn't yet the case, so we are just going to put our offer in and see what happens. Wish us luck - we can both see ourselves living there. AND, there is a gooseberry bush.

I am going to finish my half glass of wine now, and go to bed with either Doctor Who and/or Desperate Housewives. I am so unused to booze at this stage, that even half a glass makes me really, really drowsy.

Tomorrow: a report on more swarm-of-bees catching. Sorry, I know I'm obsessed.


  1. Fingers crossed for the bid. Isn't "finance juggling" fun? Not.

  2. Fingers crossed for the bid. Isn't "finance juggling" fun? Not.

  3. Still envy, envy on the bees, despite the frequent injections.

  4. sorry about your bum and earlobe. good luck! with the bid xx