Saturday, 26 May 2007


Last night we went to Warwick Arts Centre to see the new Stan's Cafe piece, The Cleansing of Constance Brown, that B is involved with. It is absolutely brilliant; unfortunately I can't say 'go and see it', because tonight is it's last night there and I believe the tickets are sold out. On Monday they are packing it up and taking it to the Vienna Arts Festival for a couple of weeks and after that it goes to Cork and on to Edinburgh - so if you do get a chance at any of those, go along, it's definitely worth it.

I won't say very much about the actual show as I think the Stan website and the Vienna website say it all better than I could. But - it's for only twenty five people at a time and the set is a corridor with half a dozen doors each side, running away from the audience. And it's brilliant, did I say?

And that's my lot.

It was very nice to catch up with all the people I hadn't seen for quite a while too, and the only downside to the entire evening was the APPALLING coffee served by the Warwick Arts Centre bar. I'm not a coffee fan at the best of times - and the best of times is definitely not 10.30PM when I am knackered and fancying a cup of tea.

They didn't do tea.

I was distraught.

And the poor-substitute coffee was actually a cup of luke-warm water plonked in front of me in a pool of warm beer on the bar, with one of those little tubes of coffee grounds beside it for me to tip in to it. And I had to ask for milk and sugar, which seemed to take them by surprise and cause very slight resentment.

Next time, I will be taking a thermos.

For now that is all - we have two sets of people coming to view the house this morning and I need to remove the pile of cat sick from the sitting room and the deceased dunnock from under the bed.

Also, I found mouse-poo in the bed last night but was too tired at 1.30AM to do anything but brush it out and collapse. Vile I know.

Wish us luck with the viewings.


  1. Good luck with the viewing!
    Good luck with the cat sick, too!

  2. Good luck with the viewing!
    Good luck with the cat sick, too!

  3. There is absolutely no excuse for bad coffee. Good luck with the house viewing.