Friday, 2 March 2007

fruit trees

Various people have asked for more info about the apple trees, so rather than rant for twenty minutes about my dysfunctional family, which was my other option for today's post, I thought this would be rather more soothing.

We wanted to get a mixture of cookers, eaters and cider apples - but we left it quite late to order and our chosen supplier - the highly recommended Adam's Apples - was short of some of what we wanted in the correct flowering groups. So, all on MM106 rootstock, which grows to twelve or fifteen feet in height, we have:

  • a John Downie crab apple, which gives lovely red fruit and also flowers across the flowering groups and therefore helps with pollination
  • a Bramley cooker
  • a Pixie eater
  • a Saturn eater
And we've also gone for a Merryweather damson and a Victoria plum, plus a couple of gooseberry bushes.

Next year, we want to get at least one cider apple to add to the mix. The difficulty we are having is that after the torrential rain, the ground is SO waterlogged that many of the holes we dig immediately fill to the brim with groundwater. B and his Dad spent a large amount of time on Tuesday and Wednesday working out drainage for bits of the garden - the next project is going to be land drains I think, which should help.

We don't really have that much space for more trees - I fancy a greengage and a cherry and a pear ('plant pears for your heirs'!) as well, but I think we will have to wait and see how the rest of the landscaping project turns out before we make any more decisions about adding to what is now effectively an orchard.

Today B is working and I am loafing. Yay! for loafing.


  1. Hi Ally,
    Someone's just put my plug back in so that I can visit people again.

  2. Hi Ally,
    Someone's just put my plug back in so that I can visit people again.