Thursday, 15 February 2007

seedling stars

Kate and Vic came down on Tuesday night - Vic has been helping B build a chicken pen and Kate has painted the bedroom and sowed my seeds in the greenhouse.

The chicken pen is to try to contain George's amorous activities towards the pekins; to stop the hens' great big feet digging up the garden; and to prevent the Poo Problem on the back path getting any worse. And also so that if the bird flu situation takes off and we have to keep them inside separate from wild birds, that will be possible.

The bedroom is because all the rooms in the house are painted one or other shade of Revolting Yellow, shading through Yukky Brown to Scary Terracotta. We have veered completely away from this trend and gone for a cafe au lait / pale violet combo that is much more soothing.

And Kate has planted my seeds because pregnant ladies are apparently supposed to stay away from soil. She has put in tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts, peppers, chilli peppers, french beans and lettuce for me and is coming back next week to do courgettes, sweetcorn and butternut squash.

I am quite excited.

The garden is drying out a bit - it's dropped from Defcon Swampy to Defcon Sticky and as you walk around, the mud now slurps hungrily around the bottom of your boots with a really disgusting sucking noise rather than you having to actively paddle around up to your oxers in it.

This means that next week or the week after when Kate and Vic visit again, we (they) will be able to get on making vegetable beds to plant the young plants out in to in a couple of months. We have eight weeks to get them sorted - apparently you plant your seeds in the greenhouse about eight weeks before you will be wanting to plant them outside; which should happen after the danger of frost has passed. So we are currently looking at mid-April, which might be a bit early. However, we have some garden fleece that we can put over things, so hopefully that will help.

I'm going to eat cake now. The baby's craving it. Last week it was oily fish. This week, even the idea of a sardine is making me go green and I am craving nectarines and cake.

Tomorrow: Marmalade.


  1. Ah yes, those sweet babies crave all kinds of things. How nice that yours is wanting cake. Guppyman had me chewing ice for nine months. Cake sounds much better.

  2. It all sounds very busy and, well, smiley. Happy for you! kaz :o)

  3. Cafe au lait and violet sounds beautiful.