Wednesday, 5 April 2006

yoghurt trauma

Image from www.freefoto.comYoghurt makers.

Any opinions?

Because the normally wonderful Northern Harvest cocked up our order last week (not to put too fine a point on it) and we were delivered ten litres of goats milk instead of four litres and six yoghurts.

Eight yoghurts at 56p costs £3.36 as opposed to a litre of milk at £1.48. That is £1.88 more expensive.

So I've eBayed a yoghurt maker for twenty quid that does a litre at a time, all in one container rather than in those daft little pots.

So even if it costs 50p in electricity to make the stuff, it will still pay for itself quite quickly.

Before I completely lose my credibility as someone who is prepared to knit her own yoghurt totally from scratch, I have tried the 'warm it up and stick it in a thermos overnight' method, a couple of times, with unsatisfactorary results.

Thank you for all the good wishes yesterday. We had a phone call from my mother in the afternoon:

Ma: Hello! Happy wedding anniversary!
B: Thank you very much.
Ma: The forsythia has come out, so I thought it was around now!
This morning I am rejiggling the company webpage, and searching on Rightmove for houses the country. Full story later in the week.

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