Tuesday, 25 April 2006

virtual herb garden

Right. I'm back.

In a stunning display of efficiency, I have just completed the payrun, BACS-ing it out five minutes before the 4pm cut-off time for bank transfers.

Do I rock, or what?

It turns out that the issue I was having is a 'known feature' (don't you just love that phrase?) and there was a patch to fix it.

I have also walked to and from the appointment with the CBT person I am seeing and bought some oatcakes.

Cheese and biscuits and red wine this evening, I rather thought. Good job B comes home tomorrow night, much longer and he'd find he was married to a clinically obese dipsomaniac. (Thinks. Oh. Hang on a minute ... .)

Am okay, though. Surprisingly so.

I have opened a flikr account and am going to start a Virtual International Herb Garden. Send me some herb photos of your particularly interesting herbs that you are growing and tell me what they are, where you are and why you like them ... . I realise that this may have a limited appeal, but I need a project :). The garden/fence/decking fiasco is on hold until the friend who's doing it for us has been back to see his chiropractor :).

Tea is calling. And cheese and biscuits.

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