Wednesday, 26 April 2006

technical shennanigins

I am definitely having rather a slow start this morning.

I spent a large part of last night doing Search Engine Optimisation stuff for the business website. It's not something I've explored very much before and I'm learning as I go. All sorts of black arts like Robots, Meta Tags and the best way to submit your site to major search engines.

And then in a fit of 'entering the twenty first century', I subscribed to Skype and optimised my blog feed (see the little pink icon over on the left!).

So I kind of forgot to have any proper tea and it was half past midnight before I realised, so excited was I by the reasonable pricing of Google's 'pay per click' advertising.

Sad, I know.

And then I turned the alarm off in a fit of self-indulgence and was woken up at five to ten (FIVE TO TEN) by the phone and three anxious cats. Whoever it was withheld their number and didn't leave a message; and then did the same thing on the business line, so it can't have been all that important.

Click here for this guy's BRILLIANT plantsOr, maybe, it was SO important that they had to tell me in person and couldn't leave a message. But that will be their own issue.

I have filing to do. But instead, I think I'm going to have a smoothie and plant my clematis.

It's called Montana Pink Perfection and is apparently very fast growing - designed to go like the clappers up the as-yet-non-existant-fence. It came in a box with some other plants and had clearly grown a couple of inches overnight - it had managed to wrap itself around them. I am a bit scared of leaving it on the kitchen window sill for very long in case I come down in the morning and it has taken over the kitchen, a la some Terrible Science Fiction Tragedy.

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