Friday, 14 April 2006

spring is sprung

It's a beautiful sunny day so far today and we have nothing much to do until Tuesday except please ourselves.

I like Easter. It's less stress than Christmas, you get a long weekend, the weather is often nice and there is justification for actually making oneself sick on chocolate.

Not that I'd do that, oh no.

Cothelstone ChurchWe often go to visit my Ma and Pa over Easter weekend - see earlier 'less stress than Christmas' comment. I like the fact that spring will definitely have arrived in Somerset. And I like to go to church with Ma. I'm not a regular Church Person and these days I certainly wouldn't describe myself as a practising Christian; some of my beliefs are not at all compatible - reincarnation for example. But my roots are in the Church of England and I think of Cothelstone as 'my' church. People have been worshipping there for a good five hundred years and it gives me a great sense of community to go back every so often and experience that feeling of continuity that seems to seep from the walls during a service. It makes Ma happy, too. And I feel that spirituality is spirituality however it is expressed.

However, this year I have made a Wine Making Error that means that we can't visit this weekend. Last weekend I started two wine projects - five gallons of Elderflower and two gallons of Elderberry. They need to be stirred in their buckets twice a day for ten days before they go in their glass jars with airlocks. I have found from bitter experience that skimping on the stirring means that Really Bad Things happen - rotting, for example. This does not improve the taste of the finished product. So we are not free to leave until the middle of next week.

I am currently sat in bed with the sun streaming in through the attic window, planning all the things we could do over the next four days, stirring not withstanding.

I'm also going to try to have a bit of a break from the World Of Computers and get out in to the (shock! horror! gasp!) Real World.

Oh, we finished the business website and uploaded it. We have already had a serious enquiry via the form, presumable prompted by the lovely photos of us all that I've included that make us look reassuringly normal. *coughs*.

And Peasant, I would love an easy recipe for Strawberry Liqueur!

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