Sunday, 23 April 2006

speaking up speaking out

I'd like to briefly revisit my rape and sexual assault support post.

A student at Smith University in the USA is doing a combined study and awareness-raising exercise of domestic violence and abuse.

They are asking for people who have experiences they feel able to share to contribute them to their weblog (a moderated space) to help with awareness raising; not only if you have experienced violence yourself; but also if you have been directly involved with another person's experience.

They are particularly interested in gathering accounts from diverse cultures and backgrounds, because that is the centre of their study. But they welcome contributions from anyone who has an account they would like to share.

I have linked to the site, called Speaking Up, Speaking Out, from my support page and I have submitted my two experiences, of domestic abuse and date rape.

This kind of abuse and assault happens to a lot of people. If you have been subjected to it you are not alone. If you possibly can, stand up, speak out and let us try to change the culture that not only allows this to happen, but also allows victims to feel ashamed.

Hat tip: Happy Feminist.

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