Thursday, 27 April 2006


Today, I am going to:

  • Make Kitchen Witch's cake
  • Sort out my automatic flowerpot watering system
  • Make an appointment with our financial advice guy to talk about remortgaging this house, renting it out and moving to the country
  • Wash B's pants
  • Gather the marketing material requested by Marketing Guru
  • Tell the couple who 'listen to metal and smoke dope' that our room is not available any longer
  • Email Original Polish Lodger's Friend and Original Polish Lodger's Friend's Girlfriend and tell them that they can have the double room over the summer
  • Eat Kitchen Witch's cake
Will that do?

Kitcen Witch's Cake!Pictures later.


Liveblogging Kitchen Witch's Cake:
Don't care what the finished product tastes like, the mixture is *fantastic* :).

Liveblogging 2: Oh My God!!!!! Have fed one with the remains of the Southern Comfort and one with the remains of a bottle of Greek Brandy. Will now be reporting on whether eating warm, Southern Comfort-soaked cakes gives one major or minor indigestion.

Liveblogging 3: Cake fabulous. Southern Comfort fabulous. Being slightly pissed on cake fabulous. Indigestion minimal. Verdict: success all round. Yay!

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