Monday, 24 April 2006

positive solution ...

When your pregnancy test comes up negative, the only solution is to ditch the healthy tea you've got pre-prepared in the fridge and go to Co-Op and score:

  • Scotch eggs, 2 of
  • Enormous chocolate muffins, 4 of
  • Bar of milk chocolate crunch, family size, and
  • Half a pound of strong cheddar
and eat ALL OF IT with a bottle of red wine.


And I'd spent the afternoon looking at baby clothes on eBay, too. How heart-breakingly ridiculous.

The software helpline people were so busy their queueing system had defaulted to "We are overwhelmed by incompetent people who wish to speak to us and you are number [infinity] in the queue. Please call back later." and then cut me off.

I hate buggy first releases.

I hate not having a family.


Pass the wine please.

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