Wednesday, 19 April 2006

not waving at all ...

I have just had another session with our neighbour re the fence. She caught me pre-breakfast, pre-second cup of tea, as I was going up the road to see if I'd left my wallet in the car.

We've had a quote from our Fence Friend for three hundred quid, which includes buying the bits - forty five foot's worth of six foot high trellis panels with two inch squares (which is half the normal size, to stop Cat Intrusion, and thus a bit more costly than bog-standard trellis), and the labour.

Cat-Hating Neighbour says that that's very expensive.

The panels are going to be fixed to Cat-Hating Neighbour's side of the wall because she didn't want anything 'unsightly' to impact on her garden. I don't give a flying fuck about unsightliness, because a) I just want her off my back and b) I'm going to grow climbers up the walls anyway and that will cover it up.

Cat-Hating Neighbour says that her family wants to know what will happen if my climbers grow faster than her climbers.

Cat-Hating Neighbour is very upset because whenever she leaves her back door open, which she does all the time, cats go in to her house. Although she "doesn't know if they're yours, love".

Cat-Hating Neighbour has also just called me an Indian Giver because eighteen months ago I offered her the flagstones that we'd taken up and she said she'd take them; and didn't. And then I offered them to her a couple of times more and she didn't take them; and then she told me that she wasn't going to remodel her garden; so then I Freecycled them.

I hate this whole passive-aggressive thing disguised as friendliness.

I am crying. I am really fucking distressed by this - I feel like my space is being encroached upon. I already feel shut in by concrete, trapped by high walls, overlooked on all sides and surrounded by grime, dirt and horrible air.

All my pleasure in the garden we have spent the last few days creating is being drained away by this.

That's it, that's my line in the sand. I need to move house.

And we're not going to Somerset.

Sheweevil - drowning, actually :/.

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