Wednesday, 12 April 2006

nettles and soapwort and apathy

I definitely need to drink nettle tea.

It's supposed to be good for you in spring and autumn when the seasons change and your body adjusts.

If 'your body adjusting' involves feeling slightly sleepy, slightly grumpy and slightly woolly all the time , then that is the place that I am in. I know that nettle tea is the answer, because Nadia-with-the-interesting-hat-collection at my mother's church recommended it to me a couple of years ago.

I do realise I'm not being very scintillating this week; lots of thinking-type work going on, doing stuff for the marketing company we've employed so that they can get going with some phone calls for us. It's not leaving me with much creative head space for anything else.

Re Peasant's question about identifying soapwort for my Virtual Garden, this is it.

And in response to Ms Mac's comment yesterday re the range cooker, I am THE Nigella; an erotic goddess AND a devil with an egg whisk.

I go to create spreadsheets.


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