Thursday, 6 April 2006

just for today ...

At the risk of becoming irritating, here is a REALLY REALLY cheerful thing.

I have just come back from a visit to my Lovely Doctor, to discuss him writing us a letter of support for the Adoption Services. Something along the lines of:

Dear Adoption Social Worker

Just because she is on anti-depressants, it does not mean Ally is mad and would stick pins in her children. She and B would make great parents.

Yours sincerely

Lovely Doctor

He roughed out the letter there and then and is going to send it to us to approve and forward on to the Adoption Services.

I am so happy I am actually a bit weepy.

I know that this is only the beginning; that we have at least eight months of hard work to complete the Form F; and get approved; and then be matched with children after that. And there might be hiccups, or indeed, a brick wall, on the way.

But, as a good Reiki Person, from now on I am going to try to remember the Five Principles of Reiki:

Just for today:
  1. Let go of anger
  2. Let go of worry
  3. Earn your living honestly
  4. Honor every living being
  5. Show gratitude for all the gifts you receive
I think that the 'just for today' bit is very important; it helps one to focus in the moment and get on with things.

I meditated yesterday morning, for the first time for about six months.

And my yoghurt maker has arrived.


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