Tuesday, 18 April 2006

gibbering hyacinths

We have had a very nice weekend doing garden-type stuff and chilling out.

The Freecyclers came to collect the paving slabs we wanted shot of; we have scored some topsoil from some friends who wanted shot of that; I have been and collected herb cuttings from another Freecycler AND scored an elderly Belfast Sink to make a water feature out of.

Here is a picture of the hyacinths outside our front door. Lovely, aren't they?

I have almost incapacitating PMT and I am therefore off to have some Green and Black's hot chocolate and gibber quietly at the thought of our impending visit to Ma and Pa's for a couple of nights, tomorrow.

That is all.

UPDATE: Have just had conversation with Ma, re whether we are coming or not, because if we're not, she won't bother to sort out the bedroom as she's really, really busy.

I mentioned that we were all slightly under-motivated this morning despite all we had to do, and she asked why. I mentioned the PMT.

Two comments:

1. Well, don't be coming down here and causing chaos if you've got PMT.
2. It's okay, you come down, tell B that I'll take the strain for a bit.

Pa is ill in bed with something that is making him shiver.

And the phone doesn't work any more from where I chucked it hard against the wall after I hung up.

Pass the minstrels, please.

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