Friday, 28 April 2006

cat photos

Betty when we got her at five weeks ... too small to leave her mother, reallyNauseating or cute?  She still has a thing for wanting to sleep right up under your chin.  This was taken when B had come in from an all-night gig ...Betty last week - a huge size differenceThis is what they get up to when the lodger leaves the bedroom door open ...Betty saving Simpkin from his own tailI dreamt last night that I was at a blogmeet in a pub somewhere and I was getting slated for letting the quality of my blog slip. I think I might be becoming a little blog-obsessed.

Today I am posting cat photos. And one husband-and-cat photo. It might be cute, it might be nauseating. You can vote :).

I'm having a truly dreadful time of the month; much worse than usual. I think I might have been a 'bit' pregnant (as SheWeevil phrased it). Unfortunately it turned up yesterday, as I was unwrapping the baby clothes I'd bought in a fit of madness on eBay.

But you'd gotta larf, haven't you?

Cat photos then. Mouseover for descriptions. And I still have half the cake left ....

Oooh! And my compost has just arrived. Due to circumstances beyond my control, including lazy-assed apathy, I was unable to collect it. So I phoned up the shop and asked them to bring it round. Delivery charge a pound. Well worth it.

I can plant out the world-taking-over clematis, now.

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