Wednesday, 19 April 2006

bobbing rather than drowning

Feeling slightly better now, thank you all very much. Jolly good advice all round. When in doubt, resort to chocolate and voodoo - fabulous! :)

B has been round Next Door and Had Words and I am now trying to convince him that Bala is a reasonable commute from Manchester as I have found a wonderful place that would allow us to keep pigs.

Spotty Elephant, courtesy of NinaR brought the Mini-R's round for the afternoon (his mother phoned mid-morning and asked to be bailed out of babysitting due to energy level incapatabilities between them and her) and we have spent the afternoon making the most enormous train track in the world in the back yard/garden with chalk, flower pots, bits of old drainpipe and two small boxes I made in to trains. I have been left with instructions to feed the spotty elephants living next to Zoo Station with strawberries for their tea.

Oh, we have a new Pole. More info soon.

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