Tuesday, 14 March 2006

throwing stones

Two things.

1. Because I mocked Greavsie yesterday when his kettle broke, The God Of Retribution has seen fit to break ours this morning. Either that, or Greavsie is a Warlock.

It happened while I was in the shower.

It also fused the boiler.

It was cold.

There was no tea.

However, luckily, we have a back-up, industrial size one gallon water boiler that we take on gigs.


2. We got talking about home-brew with Polish Lodger's Girlfriend's Cousin last night, whilst B was dosing me with hot toddy. I dug out some Carrot 'Whisky' and some Raspberry Wine, both of which were rather dubious the last time we sampled them, a couple of years ago. They were both surprisingly pleasant.

Motto: Don't chuck it away too soon; although it cleans the sink beautifully, it might even be drinkable if you wait a couple more years.

I'll sort some recipes out to post before too long, promise. I've got a runner bean one hanging round that I'd like to give a go.

Marketing Person is imminent, I have put my good shoes on and discovered that my suit trousers still (just) do up. Still sniffing though :/.

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