Friday, 31 March 2006

third cheerful post in a row

Another cheerful thing!

We've bought a range cooker on eBay.

VERY cheerful.

Our very small, very basic gas cooker has finally given up the ghost and seems to lack any settings between Impulse Power and Warp 9.9. So we've bought the magnificent and slightly frightening thing in the photo for a very reasonable price; probably due to it's quirky appearance (not our ideal choice, but IMHO there is more to function than form) and the fact that it's got both gas and electric hobs on the top. This was, in fact, one of our criteria for a range, to allow more flexibility in our cooking - and also in view of the recent gas-price hikes.

The only, slightly less cheerful, thing, is that it's in Stevenage, which is roughly a million miles away from Merseyside.

We thought we'd arranged a carrier to collect it today and deliver it tomorrow; however, due to some complex communication error between them and a sub-contractor, that now can't happen. The best they can do is next Thursday and Friday. I am hoping that this isn't going to tick the vendor off too much.

We were going to go to London for the weekend to see an installation B wanted to have a look at and generally have a couple of days off; but we've called it off due to our guilt index rising about our poverty index. Thanks to Kitchen Witch though, I am now chanting "We are not poor! We just have no money!" at regular intervals to make myself feel better.

Semi Invisible Lodger has buggered off on holiday until the tenth of April and will owe us three hundred quid by the time he gets back. I have stooped so low as to have a look in his drawers to see if he's actually done a runner. But unless he's planning on leaving behind a very large amount of stuff, including a collection of extremely dodgy DVDs (Troy and Meet the Fockers are the most discerning) I think he'll be back. I will be having a serious talk with him when he appears and if he doesn't start coughing up on a regular basis we'll give him his two weeks notice. He's not maliciously trying to do us over, he's just a bit shambolic; which we could do without at the moment, particularly on the cash-flow front.

Maybe later, some stuff about things I've been watching and reading. Or maybe not. It depends on how my accounts reconciliation fits in with my pub visiting timetable.


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