Thursday, 16 March 2006


We have just got home from an 'all you can eat' Chinese Buffet lunch with someone who has been doing quite a lot of work with us over the last year or so. He graduated from college last year and we took him on for three months during the busy period in the autumn. Since then he's been doing odd days for us here and there, very competently.

He's going off tomorrow on a six month stint as a technician on a cruise ship, starting in Sydney, Australia and travelling via New Zealand, Tahiti, San Francisco, Vancouver and Alaska. Not necessarily in that order or just the once each.

We wanted to go out for major alcohol-fuelled 'bon voyage' session before he went, but we ran out of time.

As we were getting in to the car to leave, he gave us a small parcel that he described as a 'thank you present'.

It contained a pad containing 365 time-wasting paper puzzles, a book full of cynical witticisms such as "The Buck Doesn't Even Slow Down Here" and a thank you card, in which he has written:

Thanks for everything.

Helping me get started with a career.
Being amazing employers.
Being great friends.

And letting me hit on the Pole.
We are really touched.

In a parting bout of enthusiastic bonhomie, I gave him my blog address, so [name removed to protect your identity], if you remembered it and are reading this, thank you very much for everything, you are fab. And we will be watching you on that webcam.

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