Thursday, 9 March 2006


We watched 'Secrets and Lies' by Mike Leigh last night. It's one of my favourite films, but wierdly, I hadn't remembered until we got in to it that it is all about adoption, babies and bad periods.

I still enjoyed it and found it oddly reassuring that someone with the poise of Phyllis Logan can potentially experience as excruciating a time of the month as ordinary women :).

In other news: my brain seems to have turned to jam at the moment, for which I apologise.

I have a list of things to blog about but I don't seem to be able to actually get them out of my head and down on the page. In summary however:

  • With the help of Wickfield, our solicitor*, we are still chasing payment from the company that owes us money. They have paid some, but there is still quite a bit outstanding. They seem to have the attitude that we need to toe their line otherwise they won't employ us. They don't realise that it rubs both ways - if they don't respect us, we won't work for them. We have been chasing them now since the beginning of December and they have been fobbing us off, even to the extent of the accounts department phoning US to say that payment was on it's way; presumably just so we would call off the solicitor, as payment never turned up.

    They have been harassing us over the last few days because they want B to work for them on Monday and Tuesday next week; we have said they need to get the payment sorted and agree to our terms before that can happen. So they have been calling us, in what I can only describe as a hysterical fashion, three or four times a day asking for repeat copies of paperwork etc..

    Because they are not behaving in a straightforward fashion ('sharp' someone I spoke to described it) we have been advised by Wickfield to shorten our terms of payment to fourteen days rather than thirty. In the middle of all their hysteria, the company representative turned around and said that that would be unfair to 'their other freelancers' who appear to be paid on a sixty day cycle. Various things sprang to mind at this point in my conversation with them, none of which are bloggable under obscenity laws.

    Anyway, we have concluded that they are nobbers and we're not going to speak to them again until they've paid everything that they owe us, including the late payment fees. ('Nobbers' is currently one of my favourite words and I would like to thank James for introducing me to it.)

    It appears I am actually quite upset about this, as I was only going to mention it briefly and here I am, half a dozen paragraphs later. Sorry.

  • We are still waiting for contact from the adoption services. This is expected; they said a couple of weeks, which in Local Council Speak I suspect means a couple of months. It's taken us eighteen months to get this far, so another couple of months more isn't a problem.

  • We haven't yet got a new lodger to replace Polish Lodger's Girlfriend's Cousin. We thought we did, but in the end he couldn't wait the three weeks until she left. I'm quite pleased really, he seemed a nice chap, but he undoubtedly had a complicated personal life. Semi-Invisible and Invisible Lodger are still here though and we barely see them - hence not much bloggage concerning them.
I need to go and help B and R write our new business plan now. Somehow I can't get enthused about it, but they are both quite excited, so I am going to make tea and radiate quiet enthusiasm while they write things down.

* This is, clearly, a pseudonym

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