Monday, 13 March 2006


Is a post saying "I'm still sick, please send crumpets* and sympathy" better than no post at all?

I am definitely in the office in body but not in spirit. B and R still keep waving cash flow forecasts and marketing plans at me and waiting for me to make admiring noises. There is some pressure on, because we have a Marketing Person coming to have a chat with us tomorrow, with a view to us hiring her company to make some calls for us.

I think my strategy is going to be to put my suit on and try to stifle my sniffing with a bag over my head. Hopefully she'll be so impressed with the cut of my 'extremely professional but slightly soft and informal' trousers that she won't notice that there is no room in my head for anything but information about the best brand of 'gentle on the nose' tissues.

Excuse me. I'm going to lie down under the table with the whisky again now.

* CRUMPETS plural. Not CRUMPET singular. Definitely too under the weather for that sort of thing. And anyway, any self-respecting crumpet would run a mile at the sight of my runny nose.

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