Monday, 27 March 2006

depths of self pity

Doing the VAT return, fed up with figures, can't find all the casual crew's receipts, no-one in the office except me, still have visual migraine, BORED BORED BORED and also, grumpy and very poorly motivated.

We have finally been paid a cheque for interest and fees under the Late Payments of Commercial Debts Act, by the company we were threatening to sue. I understand that this is almost unheard of; however, yay! as the amount will just about cover our solicitor's fees. I am immeasurably relieved that it is all over and we can move on.

Industry gossip seems to think that the company might be about to go bust again; allegedly the chap who was our contact is leaving them, along with a few others. B was working yesterday with a group of technicians who have all withdrawn their labour, largely because the jobs are so poorly managed that they leave you a shuddering stressed out wreck; but plus, of course, the financial issues. My considered opinion is that if you showed this particular company a series of pictures of arses and elbows, they would be unable to differentiate between the two different parts of the body.

I am having terrible repetitive nightmares about my mother and my sister, where I have to fight for their attention as they get on with really banal things while I am needing their support really badly. I keep waking up crying and have to remind myself that I belong here now, not in Somerset any longer and that it doesn't matter that there hasn't really a place for me there for years.

All in all, I think I could probably do with a serious kick up the arse.

Instead, I am going to go and put the kettle on.

I do have some funny posts in hand, honestly. They just don't seem to want to come out at the moment.

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