Wednesday, 29 March 2006

cheerful things!

Here are some cheerful things!

Because of the Cat Issue with Teresa Next Door (not, in itself a Cheerful Thing), we need to sort out fairly quickly the boundary fence between the two yards (Yards? Sounds depressingly terraced and unpleasantly stereotypically Bleak And Northern. Gardens? Would be deliberate misrepresentation. How about 'courtyards'?).

We have two-and-three-quarter cats. The three-quarters is important, because it means that she doesn't jump out of our courtyard. So, in effect, as far as Teresa is concerned, we only have two feline member of the family. But, lets be honest here; however many we had, Teresa, our neighbour, would be upset about them using her plant pots as a toilet.

I think she has a fair point.

The wall between our two courtyards is only three feet high, so of course the cats go over in to her space - particularly since she doesn't possess either a cat or dog of her own. And in addition, all the neighbourhood cats seem to use her toilet facilities as well.

I have contemplated pointing out to her that it might be like head lice, in that cats only like to go in a clean garden; but I'm not sure that that would go down too well, as she has got in quite a state about it.

So, as good neighbours, we need to do something about increasing the height of the boundary wall and cat-proofing it from our side for her. Because of moral responsibilities; general friendliness; and last but not least, about not having her rather large and (potentially) deceptively cheery milkman son come round and have a word.


(Wait for it, this is the cheerful bit!)

We are going to have to put a fence/trellis up!

And at the same time, it makes sense to put the decking in as well!

The decking is going to cover the two foot deep, one foot wide trench the builders had to dig when we moved in, as part of the retention conditions on the mortgage; this was in order to create a functional damp course and prevent the water draining off the patio in to the laundry. However, that's a story for another time.

And the really cheery bit is that, once we've done those two things, all we need to do to create a garden is get some topsoil and a few bricks to complete the raised beds that we can plant things in. Climbers, along the new fence/trellis for example.

Just let me type that again, to relish it.

A garden.


Planting things.

THAT'S the really cheerful thing.

I spent yesterday evening looking at this web site, with avarice in my eyes.

And what better way to celebrate one's third wedding anniversary next week, than buying roses?

I have thought of some more cheerful things, too, but this post is already too long, so they'll have to wait until tomorrow.

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