Thursday, 30 March 2006

cheerful apricot wine!

apricot wineAnother cheerful thing!

A recipe for Apricot Wine.
(Makes one gallon. Measurements in UK lbs. From 'Winemaking with Canned and Dried Fruit' by C J J Berry.)

1lb dried apricots
2.25lb sugar (I used Billingtons golden granulated)
2 teaspoons citric acid (or juice of two lemons)
1tblspn depectiniser
1 nutriet tablet (or quarter teaspoon of marmite)
Water to one gallon

  1. Soak the fruit in about five pints of water for about 12 hours and then bring to the boil and simmer for five to six minutes.
  2. Then strain off liquid and stir in sugar.
  3. Wait until cool and add depectiniser. You can put in demijohn at this stage but DON'T fit airlock.
  4. Wait 24 hours, add nutrient, citric acid, yeast.
  5. Top up to just under one gallon .
  6. A week or so later top up to top with cold water and add airlock.
  7. Ferment out and when wine clears, rack.
  8. Repeat racking two months later.
It does taste lovely - kind of rich and heavy. A 'dessert wine' I suppose. We made two gallons about eighteen months ago and I am drinking my way through one gallon from my 'refillable one gallon wine bag/box' now. Will probably leave the other gallon until the winter and see how it's changed.

My five gallon container will shortly be empty - I have cheated and made up a kit of five gallons of 'merlot'. So I am going to have a crack at either Sage (which comes out like a light Chardonnay) or Nettle, which I've never done before.

That is all.

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