Sunday, 12 March 2006


It is snowing like crazy here this morning.

It hardly ever snows on Merseyside, so it's a bit of a shock; particularly to the cats, who are all clearly desperate to go outside to use the toilet facilities, but who are abjectly terrified by the cold white stuff on the ground.

Of course, none of them will lower themselves to use the litter tray I have put down for them.

They have retired to bed in Semi-Invisible Lodger's room, which has the largest radiator in the house proportional to it's size. They are so cold that they are clearly not even put off by the faint smell of Alsations.

Not, you understand, that I am accusing Semi-Invisible Lodger of smelling of Alsations; but he apparently keeps a couple at home, so I am assuming that if one was a cat, one would know that and possibly be slightly intimidated.

I am going to put another jumper on and make some fresh tea.

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