Friday, 3 February 2006

toadying around

The company with the outstanding debt to us still hasn't paid up, despite the assertive phonecalls, an assertive letter last week and a solicitor's letter this week.

There is at least one other person that we know of who is in the same situation with them.

B and the other person who is owed money had a conversation yesterday about winding up orders. Apparently you get your solicitor to ask a court to issue a winding up order to the company which owes you money. Then if they don't have enough money in the bank to cover what they owe you, then they are forced to go in to liquidation in order to pay.

This company has already gone to the receivers once, last autumn, under a different guise, so I am guessing that they will be reluctant to go down that path again so soon.

I hate this, it seems so pointless. B says that it is not unknown for some companies to have a policy of not paying up until one sends a solicitor's letter. A complete waste of time and energy for everyone.

I have bought a three-legged toad to sit by the front door and help with our cash flow.

Also, we have a third lodger. It's kind of complicated. The chap who took the room three weeks ago turns out to want it very infrequently indeed. In fact, he hasn't been back since the day he came to view - so we have, naturally, named him Invisible Lodger.

On Monday, someone else rang and asked if the room was still available. B, ever one for the main chance, phoned Invisible Lodger and asked him if he was ever going to use the room. The answer was 'probably not'.

So B negotiated a drop in rent with him; we are now effectively charging him a token sum to be a forwarding address and a sofa-bed if he does ever want to stay whilst visiting friends in the area.

Then we phoned the other chap back and said the room was still available and did he want to come and view?

The new chap only wants the room on week nights. Therefore we have naturally christened him Semi Invisible Lodger. He seems very nice, is married with children and has a good job.

So I think the toad must be working already :).

In other news:

  • We are interviewing someone called 'Laurence Wooster' for the casual crew list next week, which is causing us great hilarity. Both B and R say that it doesn't matter what his technical skills are like, they're going to take him on regardless just so they can shout "Wooster! Get the tea in, there's a good chap!" across venues at him.
  • Tonight we are going round to B's Mum and Dad for a take-away and to build them a little web page to put up the photographs of the room they have to rent. They are so impressed with our success as landlords that they have decided to have a go themselves. And we are having chinese. Yay!
Tomorrow is Compost Bin Building Day. Wish us luck.

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