Friday, 24 February 2006

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And in other news:

We are going on the Preparation For Adoption three day course Monday to Wednesday next week. I am not going to blog while we are on it. We are effectively having a few days of time for us alone; it is too important to be distracted from.

As the title suggests, it is an introduction to all the pros and cons of the process. You decide whether you want to begin the approval process after you have been on it - and I guess that the agency decides whether they want to take you on.

I am not sure where we are with this - so far I've been pursuing a la la la let's take things as they come approach. I am still taking anti-depressants and I seem to be pretty balanced on them (whatever balanced is, it's so difficult to say, isn't it?). But I don't want to come off them, as last time I tried that, purely for the sake of meeting a particular adoption agency's criteria, I definitely wasn't 'balanced' at all. We'll see. I know I've said this before - I don't mind if they knock us back because they think I am unsuitable; but I DO mind being knocked back because I have a tick in a box on a piece of paper. We are both very excited.


I've put some more stuff on eBay. I know that eBay Blog Pimping (Rhys' brilliant turn of phrase) is potentially a very unattractive aspect of my personality; but I've got some wonderful sets of Nelson's Navy novels for sale and I'm quite geekily excited about having found a niche market that people seem interested in.


I have just been on the phone to our solicitor re the late payments we are owed from that one particular client. They've paid half the money and the rest was supposed to be in the bank today. It's not. This is doing bad things to my nerves; the production manager who is our contact is very friendly. But either he is lying to us or his accounts department is lying to him. It's making me feel rather grumpy.

I think that that might be all. Possibly for a week or so, depending on how I feel.

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