Monday, 13 February 2006

heaven is a warm compost heap

Finally, composting triumph.

After collecting the compost bin from our fellow freecycler ten days ago, we put it together last Saturday.

It's a very basic metal frame that you wrap net around. We were advised by the person that we got it from to line it with something - carpet for instance - in order to keep the compost warm.

Apparently there are two kinds of composting - hot or cold. Hot is better I think, because it works faster and it kills weeds and spores that might otherwise stay alive. However it is more difficult to do and you have to pay more frequent attention to your heap.

Since B seems to have become compost-obsessed, I don't think that this will be an issue.

Any hints and tips from pro-composters out there would be much appreciated - for example, CAN one put banana skins in?

I've found a couple of helpful websites - The Composting Association (UK), The Composting Guide (US) and The Royal Horticultural Society and I've bought a book - Backyard Composting by John Roulac. All we need to do now is chuck stuff on it, follow Good Composting Procedure ... and wait.

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