Wednesday, 1 February 2006

accentuating the postive #2

Thank you all for all your kind comments on my last post - much appreciated. I definitely need a part-time job that is relatively low stress and doesn't involve other people who are stressed too :).

And now, the second in an occasional series about channelling pre menstrual tension in positive ways.

(First in series here)

2. Using your PMS to fight spam:

Unsolicited eMail received:


I noticed whilst browsing your site that there were problems with some of your links, when I tried again with Internet Explorer the problems were not there so I assume that they were caused by me using the Mozilla browser.

As more people are turning to alternative browsers now it may be of help for you to know this. I have enclosed a screen capture of the problem so your team can get it fixed if you deem it an issue.

Kind regards,

David Adams
Dept. Research

My reply:

Dear David Adams,

*I* would assume that you are talking bullshit, as actually, our website is hand-coded in notepad and tested using all major browsers and a variety of alternative ones. So please take your unsolicited, fishing, grammatically poor and potentially virus-laden email away and consider pursing a career where you actually have to interact with people on a personal level rather than via the internet. If you contact us again, I will be reporting you to your ISP for spamming offences.

With very kind regards indeed

Technical Director

Lesson taken away: Appropriately channelled aggression can have positive knock-on effects for the entire internet community.

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