Tuesday, 24 January 2006

winter walking

While we were staying in the Lake District just after New Year, we got quite a bit of walking in.

The hardest one that we did was starting at Grasmere and walking up past Stone Arthur, to Great Rigg and then back down to Rydal. It's a climb of about seven hundred meters and at one point on the way up, I did think I was going to die. Vic and B are in marginally better condition than I am and I had to push myself slightly to keep up.

However, once up there, the views were amazing. It was a fantastic, bright winter's day, with a clear blue sky and firm frozen ground underfoot and the endorphin-high from climbing that distance was fantastic.

Also, the Badger Bar in Rydal, where we were rendevouzing with Kate, serves fantastic beer and prompted Vic's comment:

"I'll take a whole badger please, Landlord! And leave the tail on!"

Here are some wooden sheep that we met in the Grizedale Forest, which is full of sculpture - usually wooden - that you just come upon as you are hiking:

Ringing people to ask for payment and threaten with solicitor's letters today. It's a horrible job and I have now prevaricated as much as I possibly can and need to actually do it [sigh].

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