Monday, 16 January 2006

sarcastic accountants and dog poo


I have just had a session with Brian The Sarcastic Accountant.

He phoned this morning and said "I don't want you to think that there is anything to worry about, but I think I should come over and see you".

Which was very reassuring. Not.

He arrived clutching the large box of accounts-related paraphanalia that we had sent over to him a couple of weeks ago and wearing a three piece suit and a jovial expression.

I felt like I was about to have a maths lesson with Ivan the Terrible.

He took me through the accounts, was mildly derisory about the fact that I don't understand how Journal Entries work and became extremely cheerful when I told him that our business plan was based around our life-goals.

All in all, he described what we had given him as "messy, but not as bad as a lot of people's".

Which could have been worse I suppose.

I think we sorted through most of it; it turned out that one of the issues is that we are the first company in their stable of clients to be using Iris Bookkeeping (which I can't speak highly enough of, in terms of useability, customer support and price, just in case you are interested ... ) rather than other, better-known accounts packages. So he was learning from scratch as well.

Big sighs of relief all round, particularly from Brian as he was finally leaving the house, as he is allergic to cats and of course, the minute cats sense that they try to get as close to the allergic person as possible.


So, after he left I put some more stuff on eBay (plug, plug), drank tea and finished the web-page I was doing for my friend over the weekend.

And then R popped out to collect his five year old from school and brought him back here, plus toy car, while the three of us skirted around the edges of the business planning we are going to do tomorrow and Wednesday.

As they were leaving:

R Junior: Can I drive my toy car up the street?
R: No, come on, we've got to go and pick Mum up.
Me: And there's dog poo on the pavement.
R Junior: [plaintively] But it goes left and right. I could drive it round the dog poo!

In other news: Liam the Decorator has finished the spare room. Yay! That's IT now, we are done with building and decorating shennanigins for a few months. I am unspeakably relieved.

As part of our economy drive, we are drinking all the odd bits of alcohol we have left lying around the house, rather than buying any more. Tonight, it is the turn of the Ouzo B's parents brought him back from Greece ten years ago.

Wish us luck.

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