Friday, 27 January 2006

quick update

Still no cheque. I hate being lied to :/.

Last night we went to see Stan's Cafe's new show, 'The Home of the Wriggler' in Birmingham.

I really, really enjoyed it.

It is a telling of the stories of some of the people who worked at the MG Rover factory at Longbridge before it was finally closed down.

But the cast are telling us the stories from the future - what future and where, we're not sure. But it's pretty cold. And there doesn't seem to be any light-at-the-pull-of-a-switch.

The piece is entirely self-powered. The cast peddle bicycles and shake torches to illuminate the stage. We were pretty near the front and I was completely drawn in to the show. I enjoy words and stories about people and I enjoy post-apocolyptic fiction. Although the audience isn't battered with the post-apocolyptic nature of the setting, to me, it was very obvious. It was entirely up my street and I thought it was fantastic.

It is a haunting and poetic and powerful experience.

If you possibly can, go and see it. They are at the Mac in Birmingham tonight, Warwick Arts Centre next week and will have further dates during the year.

[/plug] :).

I am going to try to persuade B that we should go out for something to eat and a few drinks now - we've just had a brain-achingly complicated meeting with the Sarcastic Accountant, which I need carbohydrates and alcohol to recover from.

Have a nice weekend!

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