Sunday, 15 January 2006

new lodger and a view

We have new lodger.

Not a twenty year old french woman, sorry.

He's an IT contractor who is looking for digs in between being put up in posh hotels during the week while he is working. He told us that he wouldn't be using the room much, as he would be spending a lot of time away with friends and family.

I suspect some sort of expenses shindiggery; but he seemed a nice enough chap and paid us a deposit and two weeks rent up front in cash and is going to start a standing order on the first of every month.

Score, I think, all round.

Polish Lodger's Girlfriend's Cousin is mildly disappointed as he is not potential boyfriend material, but I think that's balanced out by the fact that she will still have a virtually private bathroom.

This photo is the view from our attic bedroom window. See the Liver Building there in the distance? I've made this one clickable so you can enlarge it. This is the main reason we moved up there - it's wonderful to wake up in the morning and stick your head out and see that fabulous skyline.

Betty was sat on the roof this morning just outside the velux window, making "come here and be killed" clicking noises at a large container ship making it's way up river. I don't think she's sorted out the difference between 'small' and 'far away' yet.

Despite it being Sunday, I'm doing a webpage for a friend today. B is working as well, so we'll have a day off in the week instead. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy the whole creativity-combined-with-logic process of website design.

And of course, the excuse to constantly drink tea :).

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